Best Things to Do in Israel

Planning to have a tour in Israel? Whether you already have a list of places to visit and things to do or haven’t done your research yet, it would be a good idea to check out the most popular things to do in Israel. There are unique nature parks in Israel that offer unique experiences you can never find anywhere else like swimming and mud baths in the Dead Sea or bathing on the David River in Ein Gedi. Israel also has numerous historical sites with the biblical sites being very popular among tourists and pilgrims. Israel’s vibrant culture also offers a wide selection of food from Israeli craft beer to Middle Eastern food. Confused about where to start? Find out which would fit you below.

The Pilgrim: Historical Sites and MuseumsHebrew calendars for sale

Most pilgrims would look into visit Israel’s religious sites. Religious sites in Israel can be seen through two lenses, those related to Judaism and Christianity (Messianic Judaism). Christians would likely go to the Western Wall and Jerusalem, particularly the Old City of Jerusalem. On the other hand, there are visitors who wish to go and visit the Dome of the Rock and the Southern Steps.

The Adventurous: Nature Parks and Wildlife

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If you are more of a nature lover and seeking adventure in Israel, there are certainly plenty of places to visit. Some of the most popular destinations include Ein Gedi, The Masada, and The Dead Sea. Ein Gedi is a beautiful natural oasis where you can find the David River which is also a biblical site. The Masada is a natural fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. There are ruins on top of the Masada which includes Herod the Great’s Palace. The Dead Sea offers some of the world’s most unique experiences being a unique body of water by itself. Aside from swimming and mud baths, the salt caves are an ideal destination for the brave and adventurous.

The Foodies and Shoppers: The Shuk

The ‘Shuk’ or the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem is a foodie and shopper haven, popular with the local and tourists alike. The market has over 250 vendors selling an assortment of food, apparel, housewares, Judaica and others. Here you can find Israel’s assortment of cheeses, dried fruit, and nuts which are popular and must-try Israeli food. Around the market, you can also find plenty of Israeli food such as hummus, falafel, halva, shawarma, kebab, and other Middle Eastern food. At night, the restaurants, and bars come alive with live music and light parties.

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