Best Times to Visit Israel

Israel is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. Israel is a land filled with rich history and diverse cultures which can be seen in the present and in the ruins and relics of the past. Israel also boasts its natural beauty having numerous national parks and reserves along with several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Picking the best time to visit Israel would depend on your objective whether visiting the parks and archaeological sites or observing some of the fun-filled Jewish festivities. Generally, we recommend planning your trip to Israel based on the season and weather particularly if you plan to visit destinations outdoors. Observing a particular Jewish festival or event will also determine the best time to visit Israel.

Jewish Festivals and Events

Many would come to Israel to observe certain Jewish festival or event. Some of the popular Jewish festivals are the biblical/Israeli holidays wherein pilgrims flock in Jerusalem to join the festivity. Take note that Jewish festivals and events follow the Jewish calendar which means it doesn’t fall on the same day each year in the Gregorian calendar. Best to check or grab one of the Hebrew calendars for sale to check the exact dates. Most Jewish and Hebrew calendars include Jewish festivals, holidays, and events with the corresponding Gregorian calendar dates.

Season and Weather

Others visit Israel to check out Israel’s natural beauty as displayed by nature, some of which are unique natural wonders that can only be found in Israel such as the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and Masada. Whether it’s taking a hike on the Israel National Trail which crosses the entire country and passes through the Negev Desert or checking out the ski resorts at Mount Hermon, it would be crucial to visit Israel at the right season for the perfect weather condition. Winter in Israel can be cold wherein it would be difficult to do certain things like getting baptized in the Jordan River.

In determining the best time to visit Israel, it would be wise to do a little research with Israel’s season and weather throughout the year. For Jewish festivities and events, just make sure you get there on the right date which can easily be determined by checking out a Jewish calendar with corresponding Gregorian calendar dates.