Calendars Featuring Stunning Pictures of Israel

Galilee Calendars release new biblical calendars every year featuring the beauty of Israel. Several of these calendars available feature pictures of Israel or Jewish art. They include elegant paintings from Israeli artists and painters. These biblical calendars are not your average calendar. Our biblical calendars are 16-month calendars that come with both the Gregorian/solar and the Jewish/lunar calendar system. The biblical calendars indicate all major Biblical, Jewish, and Israeli holidays which are explained in detail. The calendars also include all major holidays in the United States.

We currently have three biblical calendars for sale: From the Heavens Above, Picturesque Israel, and The Holy Land. The three biblical calendars cover September 2019 through December 2020. Picturesque Israel and The Holy Land feature paintings of scenic landscapes and popular landmarks of Israel from various artists. From the Heavens Above, on the other hand, feature beautiful pictures of Israel taken from a drone.

From the Heavens Above

The calendar From the Heavens Above feature pictures of Israel takes from professional aerial photography. The stunning drone photographs are taken from some of the most popular destinations in Israel. They include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Masada. These are taken by various photographers that collaborated with Galilee Calendars to produce this one-of-a-kind biblical calendar. The images also feature several of Israel’s wonders and UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, also known as the Bahá’í Gardens. Other popular destinations featured in the calendar include aerial shots of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. These are just some of Israel’s most popular tourist destinations. There are also pictures of Israel’s stunning beaches and coasts in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, also popular tourist destinations in Israel. The breath-taking images in this calendar will surely make you want to visit Israel soon. Learn more and grab a copy of From the Heavens Above calendar here.

Our calendars here at Galilee Calendars are unique and limited for a certain period only. They are not only calendars, but also works of art. You can proudly display them at home even after the calendar year, thanks to its frameable design. The calendars also come with weekly Torah and Haftarah portions along with suggested readings from the New Testament. These biblical calendars are proudly made in Israel. We also offer customizations and wholesale of 100 or more calendars, contact us at: .