Earrings – Roman Glass, Middle eastern filigree motif, oval


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Roman Glass Earring withv ornate Middle-eastern filigree design, oval.

Size: 1″ / 2.5cm

Roman Glass is an ancient glass that is found in archaeological excavation sites in Israel. These glass Shards were probably part of a vase, jug or vessel.
The Roman Empire started the mass production of this glass 2000 years ago in order to make glass vessels and utensils. It is quite common to visit biblical sites in Israel and still find beautiful pieces of this glass. These small shards are of little value to archeologists and so they are sold by the kilo to jewelers who set them into Jewelry.

The chemical process that this glass undergoes over hundreds of years in the ground gives Roman glass a very special look. With colorful flakes and specks caused by the chemical reaction due to oxidation.

Roman glass is sensitive to water, which can cause the surface of the glass to flake.

Please note that this item will be shipped separately from Israel.

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