Embroidered Iron-on Clothes Patch, The Flag of Israel


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Embroidered Iron-on Clothes Patch, The Flag of Israel
Size: 8 cm x 6 cm (3” x 2.3”)

Flag of Israel

The flag of Israel is Blue and White. The background is white and on it are two stripes of dark sky-blue. In the middle and between the stripes is a blue star of David.
tradition credits the design of the Zionist flag to David Wolffsohn. The flag uses the Star of David to express Jewish unity, which is guided by the Torah, as represented by the blue stripes and white background. It is said that originally the first draft for the flag’s design was made using a prayer Shawl (Tallit).
Other traditions explain that the flag represents the Hebrews crossing the red sea. The star tof david representing the Nation of Israel and the blue stripes representing the parted waters of the Red sea on either side.

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