Fringes, white, 100% wool


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The White Fringes (without the Techelet Blue), 100% wool.

The Techelet or in Hebrew תְּכֵלֶת is also the word for “Light Blue” in Hebrew but more importantly, it is also used to refer to a type of Blue dye from the Mediterranean and mentioned numerous times in the Bible. according to the Jewish writings (not the Bible) this dye was made from a snail native to the Mediterranean sea, the word for snail in Hebrew is “Ḥilazon”.

This dye was used in the clothing of the High Priest, and in the temple, and the fringes that all Hebrew men were to wear on the corners of their clothing. These Fringes are called in the Bible “Zitzit”

A garment with tzitzit has four tassels, each containing four strings. There are a few opinions acoording to Rabbis as to how many of the four strings should be dyed with techelet: strings; The method of how to produce techelet was lost long ago. However, in recent years, Rabbis believe they have identified the right Ḥillazon (Snail) and rediscovered the techelet manufacturing process, and now wear tzitzit which include the snail blue dye.

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