Passover Seder Plate, Grape vine motif. Nickle plated.


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Passover Plate, Grape vine motif. Nickle plated.

Size: 32cm in diameter.

The Passover commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. The “Seder” is a Jewish religious service which includes a festive meal on the first night of Passover. The word “Seder” means Order (of service). It is so called because it is a liturgy accompanied by a specific order of service unlike any other festive meal of the year.

A “Seder” tray or plate–which usually has six circular indentations– is placed on the festive table so that the various symbolic foods can be displayed individually:

1. Bitter herbs symbolize the bitterness endured by the Israelites during their bondage

2. Haroshet (apple and nut mixture) represents the mortar used by the Israelites in the building of Egyptian cities

3. Salt water represents the tears shed by the people in their misery

4. “Harpas” (a vegetable—usually celery or parsley) is a symbol of spring, fruitfulness, and of ever-renewed hope in the future even as it is being dipped in the salt water of tears

5, 6. shank bone and egg both recall the destruction of the Temple by symbolizing respectively the Paschal (Passover) offering and the festival offering which were brought when the Temple was in existence.

This special Passover meal is one of the major highlights of the Jewish sacred year. The “Seder” was celebrated in New Testament times, and in fact was the occasion of the Last Supper of Yeshua and His disciples.

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