Pendant – Start of David with Shma and Roman Glass, with chain


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Start of David with Roman Glass in the middle. With Hebrew letters spelling the Shma: “Hear oh Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one”
Comes with Sterling silver box chain (42 cm / 16.5″)

Size: 1.2″ / 3cm

The Star of David known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David is a generally recognized symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism.. The identification of the term “Star of David” or “Shield of David” dates to the 17th century. The term “Shield of David” is also used in the Siddur (Jewish prayer book) as a title of the God of Israel.

Roman Glass is an ancient glass that is found in archaeological excavation sites in Israel. These glass Shards were probably part of a vase, jug or vessel.
The Roman Empire started the mass production of this glass 2000 years ago in order to make glass vessels and utensils. It is quite common to visit biblical sites in Israel and still find beautiful pieces of this glass. These small shards are of little value to archeologists and so they are sold by the kilo to jewelers who set them into Jewelry.

The chemical process that this glass undergoes over hundreds of years in the ground gives Roman glass a very special look. With colorful flakes and specks caused by the chemical reaction due to oxidation.

Roman glass is sensitive to water, which can cause the surface of the glass to flake.

Sh’ma Yisrael‎: Translated “Hear, O Israel” is from Deuteronomy 6:4–9 and is also a Jewish prayer which serves as a centerpiece in Jewish prayer services. Observant Jews consider the Sh’ma to be the most important part of the prayer service, It is also traditional for Jews to say the Shema as their last words, and for parents to teach their children to say it before they go to sleep at night.

The verse is translated as “The LORD is our God; the LORD is one” The word used for “the LORD” is the tetragrammaton YHWH.

Please note that this item will be shipped separately from Israel.

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